(2021 )

project by Aurelio Di Virgilio
video archive_ Circo Massimo Anouk Chambaz 
artistic advice Marta Federici, Paola Granato, Ilaria Mancia
with the support of Azienda Speciale Palaexpo  (Prender-si cura program curated by Ilaria Mancia) - Mattatoio, Roma

LAND is a reflection on living in an empty
space, where the performer tries to maintain his
connection to the world.
    Starting from the observation of the
surrounding space, the project investigates the
way in which external information is collected
and assimilated in dancer’s personal landscape.

  The pink moquette is the space between the
performer and the territory. In this forcefully
solitary dimension, the dancer has to create an
invisible architecture, made up of images which
allow the body to orient itself in an ever more
defined way. The informations are imprinted in
the mind and translated into traces, which
the body leaves on the carpet.

The research aims to investigate how the
performer can exist in a landscape by becoming
part of the surrounding architecture.
This process wants to consent the viewer to
reconsider the environment in which she/he
lives, opening the vision to a new panorama.

The space in which we act is fundamental for
the development of the practice: in this phase
we intend to explore different places to consider
in which way the body is influenced by different

Circo Massimo, Rome_ site specific

Recidency _ Mattatoio, Roma

photo by Monkeys Video Lab_ Recidency in La Pelanda. Courtesy Mattatoio_Roma

Copyright by Aurelio Di Virgilio -  2021