(2021 )

project by Aurelio Di Virgilio
video archive_ Circo Massimo Anouk Chambaz 
artistic advice Marta Federici, Paola Granato, Ilaria Mancia
with the support of Azienda Speciale Palaexpo  (Prender-si cura program curated by Ilaria Mancia) - Mattatoio, Roma

LAND is a performance that uses a carpet to determine the action focusing the gaze towards a precise and clear dimension, which over time can open up to the surrounding landscape. A common horizon in which people are invited to act. The interest is in how external informations are absorbed and integrated in performer’s inner dimension. The carpet looks like a place of choice and acts as a membrane between the dancer's body and the outside. In this forcibly solitary space, the dancer has to build a code of gestures and gazes that over time allows the performer to define a network of real or imaginary relationships. The practice is conceived as an ongoing learning process that allows to locate the viewers and the performer in a common ground of interaction. LAND is an immersion into a delicate intimacy that makes its way through the folds of the body.


04. march 2021 Fondazione Nicola del Roscio | La Fondazione - Roma
03. september 2021 Inluogo Festival - Treviso
07. november 2021 Racconti di altre danze Festival - Livorno

Circo Massimo, Rome_ site specific

Recidency _ Mattatoio, Roma

photo by Monkeys Video Lab_ Recidency in La Pelanda. Courtesy Mattatoio_Roma

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