Sexy Movers 

(Première_ 28.02.20 Cango Cantieri Goldonetta, Florence )

concept Aurelio Di Virgilio
dancers Sharon Estacio Lucrezia Palandri
music Ivano Pecorini
lights Marco Cassini
costumes Marco Rambaldi
production Cango | Centro Nazionale di produzione per la danza Virgilio Sieni
with the support of Atelier delle Arti danza - Livorno, Azienda Speciale Palaexpo - Rome
in collaboration with Company blu, H(abita)t - Rete di spazi per la danza /MUVet

Sexy movers is a reflection on the essay A general theory of love by Thomas Lewis, M.D. Fari Amini, Richard Lannon, M.D. The focus is the meeting with the other, a meeting that explores the moment in which two persons come into contact, the moment which gives a start to a transformation process. Imagine to expand this moment, to stretch time and observe the vibrations, moods and dynamics that precede the match. 

What happens when we get close to someone?
What happens when our eyes meet someone’s eyes?
How do we change according to the match?

Sexy movers wants to be a transformation process, in which bodies store experiences and use them as a strategy to communicate with each other

They’re both convinced that a sudden passion joined them. Such certainty is beautiful but uncertainty is more beautiful still [..]

There were signs and signals even if they couldn’t read them yet. Perhaps three years ago
or just last Tuesday [..]

Love at First Sight
Wislawa Szymborska

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Trailer_ Sexy Movers :

Sexy Movers _Sala Santa Rita. Courtesy the artist

sexy movers (installation)

(2021, Sala Santa Rita_ Rome )

curated  by Aurelio Di Virgilio
music Ivano Pecorini
with the support of Azienda Speciale Palaexpo
in collaboration with Atelier delle Arti - Livorno

The installation (from 3 to 14 November) and the performance (10 /11 November) want to be a way to give back to Santa Rita's church its aggregative function. In this way Sexy Movers redefines a common ground of interaction, in which everyone has the possibility to establish new relationships.

Exhibition view


(2021 )

project by Aurelio Di Virgilio
video archive_ Circo Massimo Anouk Chambaz 
artistic advice Marta Federici, Paola Granato, Ilaria Mancia
with the support of Azienda Speciale Palaexpo  (Prender-si cura program curated by Ilaria Mancia) - Mattatoio, Roma

LAND is a performance that uses a carpet to determine the action focusing the gaze towards a precise and clear dimension, which over time can open up to the surrounding landscape. A common horizon in which people are invited to act. The interest is in how external informations are absorbed and integrated in performer’s inner dimension. The carpet looks like a place of choice and acts as a membrane between the dancer's body and the outside. In this forcibly solitary space, the dancer has to build a code of gestures and gazes that over time allows the performer to define a network of real or imaginary relationships. The practice is conceived as an ongoing learning process that allows to locate the viewers and the performer in a common ground of interaction. LAND is an immersion into a delicate intimacy that makes its way through the folds of the body.


04. march 2021 Fondazione Nicola del Roscio | La Fondazione - Roma
03. september 2021 Inluogo Festival - Treviso
07. november 2021 Racconti di altre danze Festival - Livorno

Circo Massimo, Rome_ site specific

Recidency _ Mattatoio, Roma

photo by Monkeys Video Lab_ Recidency in La Pelanda. Courtesy Mattatoio_Roma

Copyright by Aurelio Di Virgilio -  2022